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A North Texas Powerhouse

Energy is evolving, and so is Fort Worth – we’re building strength across the entire value chain, from research and production, to distribution and storage, to manufacturing and applications. Fort Worth is taking bold steps into the future alongside the next generation of industry leaders in energy production, electrification, technology development and professional support.

By the Numbers

• More than 1,300 energy companies already have a presence in the Fort Worth region.

• The number of Fort Worth area energy companies has grown by 34% in the past decade.

• That growth is occurring across an increasingly diverse set of industry segments, sources, and applications, with distribution across different industry segments increasing 18% since 2011.

• Texas dominates the country in renewable energy capacity at nearly 55 Gigawatts and growing.

• Renewable energy accounted for 34% of electricity generation in Texas in 2022 and should hit 50% by 2026.

• Texas installed more than nine Gigawatts of clean energy capacity in 2022 – twice as much as any other state.

Downtown Fort Worth - Acre Distilling

Downtown Fort Worth - Acre Distilling

A Legacy of Innovation

Brad Hunstable, Co-Founder and CEO of Linear Labs

Brad Hunstable, Co-Founder and CEO of Linear Labs

• As a gateway to the energy industry in West Texas, Fort Worth is one of the sector’s major U.S. hubs.

• Like the energy industry itself, Fort Worth touches a growing number of diverse sources and technologies – from conventional oil and gas production to battery manufacturing, renewables, and IOT applications.

• Since 2020, more than $700 million in commitments to energy-related R&D have been made possible by City of Fort Worth in partnership with private industry.


Pictured: Brad Hunstable, Co-Founder and CEO of Linear Labs

Think Energy, Think North Texas

• Texas is at the center of the U.S. energy industry, thanks to major state investments in the electric grid and renewable energy that will pave the way for the sources, services, and storage technologies that will define the future of the sector for years to come.

• Texas has invested billions of dollars in electric transmission capacity and reliability to meet the demands of a growing population, a continued boom in renewables, and an increasingly dynamic market.

• Through Competitive Renewable Energy Zones, Performance Credit Mechanisms, and other programs, the state is investing in grid resilience, modernization, integration, and system distribution.

• TXDOT is investing $408 million for electric vehicle charging infrastructure over the next five years.


Pictured: The Sinclair Hotel in Downtown Fort Worth, developed by Sinclair Digital

Sinclair Hotel

Sinclair Hotel

Where Top Talent Begins

Tarrant County College CEET

Tarrant County College CEET

• There are ten major universities and colleges located within Fort Worth, including three Tier 1 research universities – University of Texas at Arlington – Fort Worth, Texas A&M-Fort Worth, and the University of North Texas.

• TCU’s Ralph Lowe Energy Institute is part of the Neeley School of Business, and is dedicated to advancing the future of energy. It boasts the state’s top MBA program for energy.

• Tarrant County College’s Center of Excellence for Energy Technology (CEET) is an 87,000 square foot learning and training center that houses the college’s programs for oil, gas, and renewable energy technologies. Students gain key skills in everything from energy production and storage to LEED certification and energy use optimization.

You're In Good Company

MP Materials

MP Materials is America’s leading rare earth materials supplier – a critical piece of the domestic supply chain for electric vehicle battery production and other energy storage applications. MP Materials’ $700 million facility in Fort Worth will source materials from Mountain Pass, California, and produce magnets powering approximately 500,000 EV motors per year, with potential to scale.

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Linear Labs

Linear Labs, headquartered in Fort Worth, designs and builds integrated electrification systems incorporating superior motors, advanced controllers, and high-performance software – unlocking at least twice the torque and 30% increased efficiency of similar motors. The company is bringing more than $614 million in new R&D activity to Fort Worth through a public-private partnership.

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Sinclair Digital

Sinclair Digital is dedicated to developing smarter, more sustainable, and more efficient buildings through digital transformation and innovative technology. The company emerged from the development of the Sinclair Hotel, and will be establishing a new corporate R&D center in Downtown that will support more than $87 million in new research and development over the next decade.

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Jetta Operating Company, headquartered in Fort Worth, is a privately-held oil and gas company founded in 1991. Jetta operates more than 1,000 wells, with a heavy focus in the Texas Gulf Coast, the Delaware Basin of West Texas, the Southern Mid-Continent region of Oklahoma and Texas, and more. The company’s 2016 partnership with Blackstone led to a $1.5 billion investment in the Permian Basin.

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Range Resources

Range Resources, headquartered in Fort Worth, is a leading U.S. independent natural gas producer with operations focused in the Appalachian Basin. The company is a leading natural gas producer and the pioneer of the Marcellus Shale, and has been in operation since 1976.

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Revitalize Charging Solutions

Revitalize Charging Solutions is a local startup that designs and builds interactive charging stations for electric vehicles. Incubated at TechFW, Revitalize Charging Solutions has a large clientele in DFW, and recently went international after the sale of their first units in British Columbia, Canada.

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